Design Communicator Expressus Pricing
There are 2 kinds of license systems of Expressus, the node lock license which issues a license for every computer, and the floating license which can be used within the number of contract licenses by computer in a network.
License fees [Floating License]
Name Number of licenses Unit Price Upgrade fee / year Notes
Expressus Standard Module 5-9 JPY180,000 JPY18,000 Need more than 5 licenses to contract
10-49 JPY160,000 JPY16,000
50-99 JPY140,000 JPY14,000
100+ JPY120,000 JPY12,000
Option AuthoringXPV Function 1 JPY300,000 JPY30,000 Need more than 1 license to contract
Real Time Communication Module 1 JPY300,000 JPY30,000
Press Motion Module 1 JPY900,000 JPY90,000
Mold Motion Module 1 JPY300,000 JPY30,000
ACIS Import 1 JPY225,000 JPY22,500
SolidWorks Import 1 JPY225,000 JPY22,500
SolidEdge Import 1 JPY225,000 JPY22,500
VDA Import 1 JPY225,000 JPY22,500
Parasolid Import 1 JPY225,000 JPY22,500
CATIA V4 Import 1 JPY360,000 JPY36,000
CATIA V5 Import 1 JPY360,000 JPY36,000
Unigraphics Import 1 JPY360,000 JPY36,000
Pro/E Import 1 JPY360,000 JPY36,000

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License fees [Node Lock License]

Name Number of licenses Price Upgrade fee / year Notes
Expressus Standard Module 1 JPY118,000 JPY11,800 The license unit is a node lock license
Option AuthoringXPV Function 1 JPY200,000 JPY20,000
Real Time Communication Module 1 JPY200,000 JPY20,000
Press Motion Module 1 JPY600,000 JPY60,000
Press Motion CADCEUS Utility 1 JPY500,000 JPY50,000
Mold Motion Module 1 JPY200,000 JPY20,000
ACIS Import 1 JPY150,000 JPY15,000
SolidWorks Import 1 JPY150,000 JPY15,000
SolidEdge Import 1 JPY150,000 JPY15,000
VDA Import 1 JPY150,000 JPY15,000
Parasolid Import 1 JPY150,000 JPY15,000
CATIA V4 Import 1 JPY240,000 JPY24,000
CATIA V5 Import 1 JPY240,000 JPY24,000
Unigraphics Import 1 JPY240,000 JPY24,000
Pro/E Import 1 JPY240,000 JPY24,000

* Paying the difference of price of the purchased products is required when changing from a node lock license to a floating license.

Upgrade service

Free upgrade is possible for 1 year after the purchase day.

After that, if you apply for upgrade service, you can use Expressus of the latest version at any time.

*** Upgrade service term extension campaign ***

If you apply for upgrade service at the same time of the purchase of Expressus, an upgrade term will be extended for 3 months for free!

On site support service
Telephone support service


* When making a contract of upgrade service after passing over a free upgrade term, the expense from the end of a free term is needed.

* Upgrade service expense if changing from a node lock license into a floating license is continued with the upgrade contract of a node lock license within the year when changing, and from the next year, the upgrade contract will change to a floating license.

This is the service which replies to the questions about function of Expressus, the operation method, etc. by telephone.

* This service is offered for free now.

This is the service which our staff goes there and solves problems, such as replying questions about the function and the operation method of Expressus, a setup of a computer, and training, etc.

* In a long-distance case, the expense such as traveling expenses and stay expense are estimated.

The contents of service Fee
Telephone support service JPY3,000 / incident
The contents of service Fee
On site support service JPY80,000 / day

* This price on this page is only available in Japan.

* The prices indicated on this page does not include the consumption tax in Japan.