Expressus Version 4.50 (2021/04/07) New !


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Additional matters at Expressus Ver4.50

PressMotion related functions are updated.
1. 'Rotary Moving Parts' function is updated with added offset angle parameter and expanded subordination parts.
To use Expressus Ver4.50 a license which upgrade term is after 10/31/2016 is required.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver4.22c --> Detail

PressMotion relating function
1. The part type 'Interlock Cam' has been added.
2. Video compression on AVI output has been supported.
The deletion by delete key has been supported.
Addition of 'Isometric view' command
Temporary display of mesurement number and mark on coordinate value mesurement command
Improvement of data exchange module command
The release of simplified Chinese version has suspended.
Trouble not to be able to pick an interlockcam element by the 'Coordinate value mesurement' command in a PressMotion port was solved.
Trouble not to be able to select an axis menu by the 'Create section' command in a PressMotion port was solved.
Trouble not to be able to input using 'Coordinate value input' panel with right button of mouse by the 'Create section' command in a PressMotion port was solved.
Trouble shading display becomes wrong when 3D-dimension are display ON was solved at version 4.22c.
To use Expressus Ver4.22, a license which upgrade term is after 10/31/2008 is required.

PressMotion relating function
  • Addtion of a part type
    • Rotary CAM
      A rotary cam can be specified as an option of aerial CAM.
      A rotary CAM is defined as a CAM driver.
    • Linear Moving Parts
      The parts which carry out liner moving can be defined.
      It shows forward action area and backward action area by press angle, and the target parts carry out liner moving within the area.
    • Rotary Moving Parts
      The parts which carry out rotary moving can be defined.
      It shows forward action area and backward action area by press angle, and the target parts carry out rotary moving within the area.
  • The Lower Blank Holder
    A lower blank holder can specify a lockup type or an following upper die type.
    When both a lower blank holder and an upper blank holder exist, it will be able to specify which stroke operation is performed previously.
  • The measurement commands can be used in the press motion port.
    These measurement commands can measure even in the state of the stop during analysis execution.
    • Coordinate value measurement
      The arbitrary coordinates values in space can be measured.
    • Distance of point and line measurement
      The distance of the arbitrary point and line in space can be measured.
    • Distance of 2 lines measurement
      The distance between the arbitrary lines in space can be measured.
The dialog-box of Configuration
The trouble to which whole dialog box is not displayed in the XGA(1024x768) resolution environment has been improved.

The coordinate value mesurement function
The accumulated distance with the previous measurement point was displayed as CDist. This can be used to calculate the length as a simple method

Pro/E, Unigraphicsw, ACIS Data Input
Functions have been improved.

To use Expressus Ver3.23, a license which upgrade term is after 03/31/2006 is required.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver3.23

To use Expressus Ver3.01, a license which upgrade term is after 10/01/2005 is required.

At the time of reading of IGES, the element which is invisible were read in the state of un-displaying. Moreover, the scene holding the display On/Off state at the time of reading is created automatically. A scene name is INITIAL-1 etc.

The invisible elements of IGES data are read as display Off elements,
and the scene holding the state of display On/Off was created automatically.

The option which reads only the current layer and current filter element at the time of the writing in CATIA V4 was added in the configuration dialog box.

The addition of CATIA V4 data reading option

Example of boundary box dimension attributes setting

The distance of boundary box dimension and the size of boundary box dimension can be able to specify in the configuration dialog box.

The attribute settings of boundary box dimension

Example of 2D port background color setting

Although the background color of 2D port was fixed to black conventionally, it came to be able to perform color specification like the background color of 3D port in the configuration dialog box.

The background color of 2D port can be specified now.

The language version which can be performed depends on the language of Windows and the regional and language options

You can choose language version from Japanese, English and Chinese(simplified) at the time of the setup.

Simplified Chinese Version has been released on Expressus Ver3.01.
Expressus can be used on the Windows of Chinese version.

Simplified Chinese Version has been released.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver3.01

Expressus on-line manual has revised.

To use Expressus Ver2.83, a alicense which upgrade term is after 07/31/2005 is required.

Expressus secures the upper compatibility of XPS file.

Especially when the node which coincide with this parameter has complicated form planes, calculation time is shortened sharply.

Usually, the node close to the whole model size is rarely zoomed down until it has the necessity of a LOD display.

This parameter is not to create the LOD rough data of the node bigger than the indicated ratio to the whole model size.

A new parameter 'Node size to whole size in which LOD is not displayed (%)' is added for the improvement in efficiency of LOD rough data creation.

When starting sessions and carry out file management, RTC license feature is required.

If the BASIC license is provided, members can log in RTC server, check the presence, and chat among the members.

Even when it cannot connect with the RTC server on the internet by rules such as secret maintenance of data, file sharing by RTC or file management can be carried out in the company by setting RTC server in the in-house server.

Set RTC server in the in-house server and it can be utilized in the intranet.

Check a lisence providing situation from a client PC.

By carrying out service registration of a license server, it is started automatically simultaneously with starting of Windows.

Create sections by picking the position.

Set a relative coordinate system the current coordinate system by indicating the axis around and the angle.

Create dimension on 3D port and can select the drawing plane (XY plane, YZ plane, ZX plane, and screen).

Dimension drawing plane mode

Coordinate system / Revolute around axis

Compatibility of XPS file

External distribution of RTC server has started.

Service correspondence of lisence server



Checking a license providing situation

Create sections

Additional matters at Expressus Ver2.83

Setting evaluation pitch and display range of thickness makes it calculate the
thickness of the model and display in the color.

Coordinate value measurement
Element diameter measurement
Diameter measurement by 3 points
Angle measurement by 2 lines
Angle measurement by 3 points
Distance of point and line measurement
Distance of two lines measurement

Seven functions of the following can be used in 2 dimension port.

Measurement commands in 2D port

Distance of point and line measurement and Distance of two lines measurement are added.

Measurement commands in 3D

A server module is released.
The license to contain the option of the license server is necessary to execute it.
Please inform me of computer ID of PC from which the network license is executed and the trial license is issued.

A network license

¥Check on leakage of set operation

¥Interference check of model by whom phase was operated

¥Static interference check of assembly

It is effective to the following items.

This function became available in 3D port.

Interference check of gap in 3D port

Thickness measurement function

Additional matters at Expressus Ver2.71

* The inquiry about purchase etc. Here
Please refer the RTC pages of 'Expressus Getting Started Manual' about the setting method and operation method of RTC.
Please apply for the license password again, if you have a license password published before Expressus Ver 1.32 or before.
  • The meaning of the stroke of the Flying Cam is changed. (Ver 1.62)
    It changed to the meaning of the stroke to the cam base of the cam slide.
  • It corresponded to the case of "Lift up angle > Down of lift angle" by the lifter definition of the PressMotion function. (Ver 1.56)
  • The parameter of prior process lifter is added to definition of press project.(Ver 1.62)The three parameters (effective stroke, lift up angle, lift down angle) are used for prior product shape motion.
  • The parameter of an effective stroke is added.(Ver 1.62)
    The effective stroke is related for product shape motion by transfer equipment
  • The cam stroke value can be specified by picking two points.
    The component of the cam direction vector is used.(Ground CAM, Ground Double Cam, Flying Cam)
Press Motion function
  • The input of the VDA format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the Parasolid format is supported.(Ver 1.55)
  • The input of the ACIS format is supported.(Ver 1.55)
  • The input of the SolidEdge format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the SolidWorks format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the Unigraphics format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the Pro/E format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the CATIA V5 format is supported.(Ver 1.59)
  • The input of the CATIA V4i‚RDjAACISAParasolid format are supported.(Ver 1.55)
Data exchange modules are supported.

EOnly one coordinate system can be defined in each node.
EThe coordinate system added to the top node is equivalent to a whole coordinate system.
EAt the time of taking in assembly structure, the posture of each sub assembly is held as a node coordinate system.
The commands related to a coordinate system and coordinate axes, such as create demensions and create sections, are handled in the current coordinate system.
EAlso, the coordinate axes which show the posture of a current coordinate system are displayed.
EIt also has the function which returns to the initial coordinate system which the node holds.

Coordinate system function (Ver2.00)

EParallel translation, rotation movement, etc. can be operated to the element below the specified arbitrary nodes.
EVarious topological operation commands which can be operated intuitively, such as movement within a specification plane and match posture, are prepared.
EA sub assembly can be decomposed or it can be used for position adjustment of the gripper finger at the time of using a press motion function.
EAny target nodes of topological operation can be indicated to select contextual menu of assembly tree.(Ver2.01)
EThere is a function which cancels topological operation and return to an initial topology.
EIt is to be able to pick the coordinate axes. It is usefull to use in topological operation or making dimensions..(Ver2.02)
EThe button which can perform distance specification with a two-point pick was added to the topological operation command of movie by distance and move in a plane.(Ver2.02)

EScaling command are added in topological operation commands.
It is effective in the making allowance of a resin model etc..(Ver2.10)

Topological operation function (Ver2.00)

ECurvature radius command
Curvature radius on any surface can be created easily.
The dimension of the curvature radius of a surface can be created by indicating the measuring point on a surface, and the point which shows the measurement direction.
When the measuring point on a surface is indicated first, the display of a field which carried out the pick changes to triangle mesh display. Please imagine and point to the measurement direction point from the form by triangle mesh display.

EArea command
The surface area of elements on display and the projection area of the indicated direction of a vector can be obtained.
By this command, in order to ask for the area of elements on display, unnecessary elements should turn OFF a display using functions, like "Display OFF Except selected Element."

3D Dimension functions were added(Ver2.20)

EViewing operation became possible only by the drag of a mouse.
(Viewing operation by F1/F2/F3 is also possible )
Tilt(Rotation) ........................... Right button drag
Pan(parallel movement) ............ Left button drag
Zoom ......................................Middle button drag or Wheel rotation or Left+Right button drag(Ver2.20)
EFit command was added.
The whole model can be displayed without changing the posture of the rotation direction.

Viewing operation was expanded(Ver2.10)

EThe opposite cannot be done although the XPS file made with Expressus of an old version can be opened with Expressus of a new version.

Notice about the compatibility of a XPS file(.2004/11/13)
It became to be able to carry out the file addition from a XPS file. (Ver2.10)
  • The maximum size below arbitrary nodes can be known.
  • The size of a boundary box is interlocked with topology operation, element deletion, etc., and is updated automatically.
Three dimensions of the boundary box can be displayed. (Ver2.10)
ETo indicate the coordinate value from the keyboard when a right button was clicked in the state of a point pick, a coordinate value dialog box is displayed became to be possible.
Coordinate value dialog box (Ver2.00)
The function which can connect Expressus with a file extension is prepared.
The license check fault which couldn't open a mold motion port has solved.(Ver 1.63)
It corresponds to taking in the assembly structure of a STEP (AP203, AP214) file as a node. Furthermore, in AP214, a clor attribute is also taken in. (Ver 1.64)

Element selection by color function

EIt is the function which changes the element or node near the specified element color into a selection state. The selected node and the selected element can be treated like what was chosen by other methods, such as region selection, and can be used for various uses, such as topological operation, and node change, color change.

EFigure comparison of two models can be performed. The part below a tolerance is searched and a color display is performed. This function is an effective at the time of design change of a product model etc.

Model comparison function

Additional matters at Expressus Ver2.50

Additional matters at Expressus Ver2.65

Four view display
Isometric port and three view are displayed.

The mode of partial inclusion and whole inclusion on the region selection are added

LOD support
LOD is short for 'level of details'. This function improves the display efficiency by briefly
displaying small shapes.

Measurement commands
The mesurement commands can get the result faster than dimension commands.
The results will be output to the text box, so, they can be used with cut and paste operation.

Projected area caluclation command
This command can get a result of projected area by indicating any project direction
The result will be as a projection. So, it can add same dimensions or same notes in the 2D port
as same as section and view.
Also, mold clamping force calclation by indicating lateral pressure fudge factor, cavity inside face pressure and safety factor is available as a option.
This is effective function on the initial phase of mold design.


  • Both port number 80 and 443 are used on a daily basis in Web browsing, so it makes you possible to use ExpressusRTC whenever you can viewing web sites.
  • ExpressusRTC supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy.
  • --> Environment setting of EXPMES

When the file transfer was performed during the session, the trouble that the session becomes illegal was solved.(Ver 2.30)
Functions, such as graded colors display, curves on surfaces, a scene, property change, and display mode change, corresponded.
All the functions of Expressus corresponded to RTC. (Except a motion function)
(Ver 1.59)
It came to display a member's login message.(Ver 1.62)
When a member does login and logoff, a message is displayed on the taskbar upper part.
When an operator pushes the [Audience} button, the operator can choose the next operator.
The operation right can be transffered explicitly.(Ver 1.62)

The TCP-port numbers which are used on ExpressusRTC.have been changed
to use 80 and 443 only.(Ver 2.25)

Additional & change matters at Expressus Ver2.43

Weight saving of XPS file

EThe save size of a XPS file has cut down sharply.
(About 45% on average of size curtailment)

EKeep in mind that the XPS file created and updated by this version can't be opened
in a former version.

Improvement in display speed

EThe efficiency of figure display speed processing in 3D port or a motion port has
increased, so that display speed improved sharply.

Change of license system

EThe license tool program which newly carries out license management
will beis released.

EAll of a license setup, a check, etc. can be performed by this license tool.

EThe attestation system has changed into what is depended on Computer ID.

Please specify the computer ID (not MAC address as before) displayed
in the license tool to apply the license.

The license migration to other computers ias possible.

EWhen you migrate the license, please announce us by specifying the export key obtained by performing license export in the license tool and the computer ID of the cpmputer of after migration on a license migration page.

EThe one time license has added at the time of installation.

EThe one time license can estimate all functions for given times

EThe conventional free license was abolished with these change.

View port function

EThe port where only the direction of visual axis differs from 3D port can be displayed.

EThere is no restriction in the number of a view port, and two or more view ports
can be used.

By the scene function, it also came to reproduce the On/Off state of dimensions
and sections.

The existence of the gradation of a background color can be specified now.

The option to specify has added in 'Configuration'.

Improvements on press motion

EThe display color of the interference check result can be set up. now

EThe colors of Interference condition, Contact condition and Below clearance volume
can be setup.

EIt corresponds to revolute center movement (F4 key) in the motion port.

EThe reading speed of the XPS file in which a press motion setup is included
has been improved.

Stability improvement

The stability improvement is planned by improving the memory management.

Proxy setting

EAutomatic configuration script is supported on proxy setting of Expressus Messenger when 'use browser setting' is checked ..

EThe option which doesn't perform interference check between mechanical parts has added.


EOnly the license which expiring date of upgrade is after 01/01/2005 can be upgraded.
EOS of Winodws98 or WindowsME is not supported.

ENine functions of the following can be used in 3 dimension port.
Cross Line
Circle Cross Line
Circle by Radius
Circle by 3 Points
Arc by Central Point
Arc by 3 Points
Supplementary Arc
Poly Line
EA thing, such as measuring the distance of the direction of the X-axis between the central point of a circle, comes be made using these auxiliary figure creation functions.
EThe created auxiliary figure is held in a node called Aux Figure under Root 3D Dimension.
EThe color of a figure is created with reference to the wire color of Configuration setup.
EThe color of a figure can be changed after creating a figure.

Auxiliary figure creation functions are added.(Ver2.30)
Expressus basic functions

To use Expressus Ver3.10, a license which upgrade term is after 11/30/2005 is required.

If grid rounding is effective in coordinate value directions in a locate mode, the rounded coordinates value will be handed over by the command.

Grid Round

It's effective in a visual check if the edges correspond and if it has an incline to the axis and so on.

It's a function which displays cross lines parallel to the axes in a viewing state.

Display a cursor by 2 or 3 cross lines extended to the end of the figure port.
Hair Cursor function

Additional matters at Expressus Ver3.10

Itfs corresponding to CATIA V5 R15 and R16 beta.
CATIA V5 Data Input

Itfs effective in recognition of the size of a model.

It's a function which displays a lattice line in the specified grid pitch.


Functions have been improved.

VDA Data Input

Additional matters at Expressus Ver3.42

Improvement of model comparison function
The result of model comparison function can be kept as an element of
The several results of model comparison can be kept with names.
The color of the result of model comparison can be changed.
It's useful to transmit the result of model comparison since it's kept also in the XPS file.

Topological operation/ Mirror function has been added
Symmetrical operation in the topological operation will become effective.

Improvement of the tool bar
The long tool bars have been arranged.

To use Expressus Ver3.42, a license which upgrade term is after 06/30/2006 is required.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver3.61

Improvement of height dimension
1. The height dimension corresponded to a current coordinate system.
2. The height dimension to the coordinate axis of a current coordinate system is obtained.
3. The height dimension of an not orthogonal face to a main coordinate system such as the cam slides is obtained.

2D dimension / Gap dimension function has been added
1. The gap dimension between parallel lines in 2D port in the cross section can be obtained.

Improvement of data exchange module
1. CATIA V5 Release17(V5R17) is supported.
2. The data exchange modules are replaced with the latest one.

The problem concerning reading the XPS file was solved.

The problem concerning the deletion of the model comparison result was solved.

To use Expressus Ver3.61, a license which upgrade term is after 11/30/2006 is required.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver4.11

Expressus Converter [EXPCONV] has been released --> Detail
1. Expressus converter [EXPCONV] is a tool which can convert model files to XPS file.
2. EXPCONV option feature is included in Expressus basic license from Ver 4.11.
The customer during the up-grade duration of policy is covered.

AuthoringXPV function has been released --> Detail
1. AuthoringXPV is a Expressus license option feature which is able to make XPV files. XPV file can be opened on a Expressus without license.

To use Expressus Ver4.11, a license which upgrade term is after 10/31/2007 is required.

Additional matters at Expressus Ver4.31a

Trouble created lines become wrong on culling lines process was solved
1. It happens on loading file like a IGES, creating section and creating view.
To use Expressus Ver4.31a a license which upgrade term is after 10/31/2009 is required.