Real Time Communication

ELogging in provides the engineers with Real Time Communication that they can communicate deeply.
EThe users who want to participate in the session have to be authenticated each other.
This builds up trustful relations among the members.

ERTC has a presence function which shows the members' status (ex. on line, busy etc.).

EThe members can chat with an instant message function.
It can be used for only one to one, and also among all of the session members.

Yasuda starts the session

Yasuda invites Jose

Yasuda invites Chen

EThe XPS file used in the session needs to be downloaded by the members who have the permission of disclose the files.
EAll the session members have to have the same files. has the alert function to notify the members of completing download, permission alert and so on.

EParticipating in the middle of a session is also possible. tightly couples all the Expressus in a session..
EThe operation of the operator controlls all the Expressus.

EIt's possible to controll all the Expressus very smoothly because the information transmitted through Expressus is only of operated at that time.

EHandling over the operation right is so easy and smooth.
EChanging over 3D port and 2D port and creating dimensions are also easy!
EBy using Expressus Real Time Communication function, even when engineers are in a remote place, it becomes possible to communicate.

Chen logs in

Jose logs in

Yasuda logs in

Alex logs in
Audience Chen
Audience Alex

Audience Jose

Operator Yasuda

Operator Jose

Audience Yasuda
Audience Chen
Audience Alex

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