Expressus Ver 4.50 has been released..
Topological operation/ Mirror function and the new version of Improvement in model comparison function have been released.(Ver.3.42)
The emphasis improvement version of PressMotion has been released. (Ver.3.23)
Hair Cursor function, Grid, Grid Round have been released. (Ver.3.10)

Some new functions to specified the background color of 2D port, set the attribute of boundary box dimension and so on have been released.

Dimension drawing plane mode, Coordinate system / Revolute around axis, Service correspondence of lisence server have been released. (Ver.2.83)

A server module and thickness measurement function have beenreleased.(Ver 2.71)
Projected area calculation, Measurement commands and LOD have been released. (Ver 2.65)

The model comparison function and color selection function heve been released (Ver 2.50)

It came to be able to migrate the license by changing the license system.(Ver 2.43)
The points of RTC function improvement. (Ver 2.30)
The new viewing functionality. (Ver 2.10)
The topological operation and coordinate system functionality. (Ver 2.00)

Our contact address and phone number have been changed.

Expressus Version 4.50 (2021/04/07)
Expressus Version 4.31a (2010/03/18)
Version 4.22C (2008/12/02)
Expressus Version 4.22 (2008/11/17)

Expressus Version 4.20 (2008/10/22)
Expressus Version 4.11b (2008/04/09)
Expressus Version 3.61 (2006/11/30)

Expressus Version 3.42 (2006/07/26)
Expressus Version 3.23 (2006/04/10)
Expressus Version 3.10 (2006/01/05)

Expressus Release News

Pick mode

3D dimension function

Creating Sections


Dimension drawing plane mode

View creation function

The constitution of screen

Opening files

Display mode

Tool bar

Tree view

Function Introduction Video Clips

RTC Real Time Communication

Expressus holds 3-dimensional information and 2-dimensional information, such as a sectional view, seamlessly required for design or manufacture.
ExpressusRTC realizes presence-based communication required for the engineer.


Project curve
Incline color display
Edit color


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Exclusive Distributor in Turkey