・Initialize, Move by 2 points, Align Posture, Revolute by 3 points, Revolute around axis, Move by distance, Move in a plane

・Parallel translation, rotation movement, etc. is possible to the specified arbitrary nodes and the element belongs to it.

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Topological Operation

・Analyzing sub assembly, position adjustment of the gripper finger at the time of using a press motion function, etc. is possible.

・Canceling phase operation and returning to an initial phase is also possible..

・Selection of objects for topological operation

Two ways, the way of choosing in a figure port domain and the way of choosing an object node from a tree view, are possible.

Selection from a tree view can be done by specifying "select" in the contextual menu (right button menu) of the arbitrary nodes in an assembly tree to choose.

In a figure port domain, select 'node' in element selection mode and pick the object direct.
Several nodes can be selected by picking with pressing the control key.
Moreover, specifying by region selection is also possible.