・Only the member who gave indication permission can know existence of data, and download is possible.
・The XPS file can be up-loaded on the expressus.net server.
File sharing
・Both server download and local file specification are possible for a session start file.
・The operation of the person who has the operator right is in real time reflected in other session members' of Expressus.
・Two or more people do the session of Expressus, and the operation of Expressus is shared.
Expressus sharing
・Notification to owner of XPS file when download of indicated XPS file is completed.
Notification service
・The cue of the member in the session are displayed in the situation.
・A presence function will inform potential users of the user status, ie,whether the user is on line or otherwise engaged.
Presence function
・Only when it approves mutually, it is possible to become a mutual member.
・User authentication is performed at the time of login.
User authentication function
It can be used with all session members.
It is possible to chat by the text between members.
Instant messege
・An enough response is obtained even in the narrow band environment.
・Only logical message communication is performed.
・It corresponds to the SOCKS4/SOCKS5 fire wall.
・Security is keeping by the encryption communication.
・The server group constituted scalable.
expressus.net server

Real-time communication

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