Part attribute and processing attribute functions

The part attribute information, hole processing attribute information and pocket processing attribute information on CAD is input by Expressus in the original form.
The part attributes and hole-processing attributes can be output to the CSV file.  By using hole-processing attributes, simplified NC data can also be output.

Scene function

Specific parts of an object can be viewed by many users on the assembly tree view (as the direction, display ON/OFF information is stored on the XPS file).

EThe processing surface type of a pocket-processing attribute can be discriminated by the color of a surface.
EThe simple hole- processing NC data can be output from hole- processing attribute information.
EIt is possible to confirm it by displaying hole- processing attribute information in the figure.
EThe part- processing attribute information can also be output to a CSV file.
EThe part attribute information, hole- processing attribute information, and pocket- processing attribute information on CAD is input by Expressus.
EBy reproducing a scene, the state at the time of scene creation is reproduced, and contents to tell are reproduced.
EAs a scene, it can name and the display state in arbitrary times can be stored.
E3D shape information, 2D drawing information, and non-shape information on the attribute are held seamlessly in a XPS file.
Information required for a design and manufacture is stored seamlessly.

Hole processing attribute list

Pocket processing attribute list

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