Projected area caluclation command

This command can get a result of projected area by indicating any project direction
The result will be as a projection.
So, it can add same dimensions or same notes in the 2D port as same as section and view.
Also, mold clamping force calculation by indicating lateral pressure fudge factor, cavity inside face pressure and safety factor is available as a option of this command.
This is effective function on the initial phase of mold design.

70%-50% is the reasonable value for 'Display data size of LOD'.

'Display size of LOD' is as same as graphic mode and around 50 pixel is the reasonable value.

The didplay color of rough shapes is the one of the head element's.

The closing line is not displayed in rough shapes.

At 'Display data size of LOD', 100% stands for the original shape.

When 'use LOD' is checked in the 'Display setting of LOD', the smaller node than the set value is displayed in rough shapes.

LOD support

LOD is short for 'level of details'.
This function improves the display efficiency by briefly displaying small shapes.

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New functions at Expressus Version 2.65

The mode of partial inclusion and whole inclusion on the region selection are added

Four view display
Isometric port and three view are displayed.

Measurement commands

The mesurement commands can get the result faster than dimension commands.
The results will be output to the text box, so, they can be used with cut and paste operation.

When 'partial inclusion' button is pushed, it means that is partial inclusion, and when it's not, it means that is whole inclusion.

To changeover the mode, select 'partial inclusion' of 'Operate' in the menu bar or 'partial inclusion' button in the tool bar.

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More details

More details

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More details