Set a relative coordinate system the current coordinate system by indicating the axis around and the angle.

Coordinate system / Revolute around axis

Direct the dimension drawing plane for a whole coordinate system.

It is for determining the plane which elements are drawn on when creating dimensions and notes on 3D port.

Dimension drawing plane mode has 4 postures as XY plane, YZ plane, ZX plane, and Screen.

Create dimensions and notes with sufficient visibility.

Dimension drawing plane mode

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New functions at Expressus Version 2.83

Create sections

Checking a license providing situation

Especially when the node which coincide with this parameter has complicated form planes, calculation time is shortened sharply.

Usually, the node close to the whole model size is rarely zoomed down until it has the necessity of a LOD display.

This parameter is not to create the LOD rough data of the node bigger than the indicated ratio to the whole model size.

A new parameter 'Node size to whole size in which LOD is not displayed (%)' is added for the improvement in efficiency of LOD rough data creation.


Create sections by picking the position.

Check a lisence providing situation from a client PC.


When starting sessions and carry out file management, RTC license feature is required.

If the BASIC license is provided, members can log in RTC server, check the presence, and chat among the members.

* check the presence

* chat

Service correspondence of lisence server

By carrying out service registration of a license server, it is started automatically simultaneously with starting of Windows.

If 'Install the License Server' is selected at the time of installation, a license server will beregistered into service, and if 'Does not install the license server' is selected, service registration will be canceled, so please be careful.

External distribution of RTC server has started.

Set RTC server in the in-house server and it can be utilized in the intranet.

Even when it cannot connect with the RTC server on the internet by rules such as secret maintenance of data, file sharing by RTC or file management can be carried out in the company by setting RTC server in the in-house server.

Compatibility of XPS file

Expressus secures the upper compatibility of XPS file.

If the XPS file written by Ver2.8x can't be opened by the version before, and the following messages will be displayed.

If you use multiple Expressus, please use in the same version.

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